Rev. Dr. Andria Lee Winters, MSc D
When authentic love is present, mountains can be moved and oceans parted, and healing has a means to manifest.

Andria is an ordained Interfaith Metaphysical Minister and holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysics. As a perpetual student of life, she began her spiritual studies when she became dissatisfied with climbing the corporate ladder, and she desperately sought to understand the meaning and purpose of life. She transitioned towards owning and operating her own business, and at the same time with her thirst for knowledge and a desire to know the truth, she delved headfirst into the self-development world, began exploring multiple faith-based systems, embraced New Thought teachings, studied various healing modalities and encountered numerous spiritual paths. 

Sharing her knowledge, awareness, and passion for life with others for the sake of bringing more joy, peace and love into people’s daily lives, Andria lives with the intention that others will in turn bring more joy, peace and love into the world at large. She plants seeds of positivity wherever she goes, filling the space with laughter and genuine joy. Currently, her greatest passion is in her role as a Wedding Officiant, celebrating with others the magic of coming together to express authentic love. 

In her role as a minister, she encourages others to have an awareness of the present moment, to become mindful of actions and words, and to acknowledge the Oneness of All that is. Redefining what it means to be a spiritual leader, she blends mainstream ideas and metaphysics, reminding people that we are deliberate co-creators of our reality, that gratitude is a far-reaching gift,  that abundance is a state of mind and that there is power in positive thought. 

As a teacher, Andria encourages humanity to move towards a simple and holistic lifestyle, creating harmony and peace with Gaia, that is bringing balance back to the mother of all life, and to live in peace with the animals. She inspires others to turn from fear to love and to transcend limiting beliefs and outdated mindsets, and she assists us in remembering who and what we are, namely sparks of Divinity. She empowers people to embrace lives of meaning and motivates humanity to wake up from inertia, to use peaceful action to create change, and to initiate movement towards a global society of peace, plenty and prosperity for all.

Defined as a spiritual advocate, environmental enthusiast, modern-day mystic, artist in flux, writer to be, giver of free hugs, confessed chocoholic, hopeful romantic and lover of laughter, Andria delights in celebrating the milestones of life and wonders at the possibility of what may be.  Andria would love to connect, so she invites you to reach out to begin the process of creating your best day ever and your life extraordinaire!


International Metaphysical ministry - minister
University of Sedona - Doctor of Metaphysics
New Vision Interspiritual Seminary - ordained interfaith minister
New Seminary - 2 Year Seminarian
British Columbia Registered Metaphysical MINISTER #46445
“We loved how Andria took the time and really made the words that were spoken about us meaningful. Every recommendation that she made enhanced our experience. Andria really made the vibe that we wanted to come out with her words and we loved that.” Michelle & Dave

Exclusive Wedding Officiant for Modern Wedding Show

Choosing to focus on authentic love, one immediately creates more authentic love. Therefore, it is imperative to become mindful of our thoughts and create the habit of being, doing and having from a place of authentic love.