Moon Over Avalon

Moon Over Avalon is the inspiration behind my ministry. Feeling a deep connection to the myths and legends of Avalon, I am drawn towards all things medieval, magical and mystical.  Somewhere deep inside of me is a resonance with past lives spent with a group of women who knew ancient truths and worked together for a higher purpose. Images such as Stonehenge under the moonlight stir such intense and powerful feelings in me that I intuitively know that I have walked the path of healer, teacher and mystic in times long gone. 

In understanding that time loops, the strong connections we feel to places, cultures and events are means by which our Soul memory shares with us insight into the past, for the purpose of understanding the present. Moon Over Avalon represents the energy of the divine feminine working in tandem with the sacred masculine, synchronized in harmony with the elements, to restore balance between humans and the earth, therefore manifesting a peaceful playground of biodiversity while coexisting together as one.

Metaphysics Defined

Metaphysics is the science of the unseen. It is the study of theology, philosophy, psychology and other -ologies, all approached from a spiritual standpoint. Viewed from a higher perspective than limitation of the third dimensional egoic needs and wants, metaphysics transcends personal development, focuses on self awareness and answers the deepest questions regarding the reason and being for this game called life.

Solution oriented, metaphysics gives meaning and purpose to the challenges of life and offers practical and tangible insights into manifesting joy and love in our own lives. This results in peace and plenty for all those inhabiting Gaia and further into the cosmos. Metaphysics moves beyond religion, continually asks questions while searching for truth, acknowledges that one’s relationship and experience of God is personal, and allows for a multitude of expressions of the Divine.

What is Interfaith?

Jeshuah taught love, Mohamed taught peace, and Buddha taught compassion. In looking at the lessons of the master teachers, one comprehends that all taught the same primary message, namely, let love lead the way. 

When viewing spirituality from an interfaith perspective, one accepts the teachings of the masters as coming directly from Source. One remembers the essence of the teachings as being sacred, brought through to humanity during various shifts and transitions in human evolution, and during times of consciousness upgrades. 

Faith is unique to each individual, and the relationship one has with the Creator is personal and sacred. One can honour and respect all paths and acknowledge that there is divinity in all worship when love is the focal point. Interfaith is inclusive, diverse and expansive.

Spiritual Adventure

Last year Andria traveled to the other side of the globe whereby she touched down in 12 countries, submersed herself in cultural diversity, encountered multiple faith based systems and radically altered her perception of what it means to walk a spiritual path. She embraced dozens of people, enjoyed numerous adventures and did things she never thought she’d do. A true life changing experience, this spiritual adventure includes aspects of epic proportion complete with pirates, smugglers and thieves. Romance, passion and self-discovery leave Andria with memories too good not to share, so she is in the process of recording her travel adventures with the intention of publishing in the fall of 2020.

One Love, One Voice

Koolulam is a social-musical initiative aimed at strengthening the fabric of society. The project centers around mass singing events in which large groups of non-professionals come together to form a single collaborative musical creation. Koolulam brings together people from all walks of life to do one thing: stop everything for a few hours and just sing – together.

On June 14, 2018, Koolulam invited 1,000 people who had never met before to a special event at the Tower of David in Jerusalem. Participants – Christian, Muslims and Jews – sang one song in three languages and in three-part vocal harmony. Enjoy Bob Marleys ‘One Love’ and feel the inspiration of ‘One Voice, One Heart’.

Authentic love can illuminate light in the darkness, create hope when there is despair, and turn doubt into unwavering faith.