Celebrating Authentic Love
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Authentic love transcends mainstream concepts of love. It is true, pure and genuine, and is the essence of who and what we truly are.
Authentic love is limitless, expansive and ever evolving.
What we believe in

let LOVE lead the way

Celebrating authentic love is Andria’s passion, and what better way to do this than to be part of the magic of friends and families coming together to share with couples, their most memorable day, their wedding.

As an Ordained Interfaith Metaphysical Minister, Andria has the capacity to combine the rituals of any tradition with modern day interpretations, while maintaining the spiritual integrity of the original sacred act of marriage. Registered in British Columbia as a Metaphysical Minister, she offers a wedding experience that is truly customized and memorable, according to the needs and wants of each couple.

Andria’s only guideline for marriage is that two people are authentically in love. Real, true, pure, genuine love is what matters, and any couple experiencing this with each other are blessed beyond words, and seen and held as sacred in the eyes of the Divine.

Redefining marriage and what is means to partake in a wedding, Andria holds the vision of the wedding couple creatively expressing who and what they are in a manner that is meaningful to them.

Weddings can be traditional or modern, simply beautiful or extremely extravagant, yet definitely unique and original. Whatever your vision may be, Andria will work in tandem with you and your partner to manifest the ceremony of your dreams with limitless possibility and unending joy.  

Photo by Nikki Hollett
In recognizing the Divinity of another we have the ability to fall deeply in authentic love with them, experiencing a richness and depth that goes beyond what we can describe.